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Не книга, а полная чушь! Хорошо, что чит
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Послания любви. 365 писем Ошо - Раджниш Бхагаван Шри "Ошо" - Страница 1

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Послания любви. 365 писем Ошо

Слова, идущие из глубины и полноты сердца, —

отзвуки бесконечного,

как маленький цветок, выражающий бесконечную красоту.

Когда любовь вдыхает в слова жизнь,

находит выражение не то,

что сказано, а то, что хочет быть сказано.

В каждом из нас есть поэт, есть поэзия,

но оттого что мы живем на поверхности,

они никогда не рождаются.

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Все права защищены.

Публикуется на основе Соглашения с Osho International Foundation, Banhofstr/52, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland, www.osho.com

© Электронная версия книги подготовлена компанией ЛитРес, 2014


1. Love.

I received your letter.

How lovingly you insist on my writing something,

and here am I, drowned in a deep silence!

I speak, I work,

but I am steeped in emptiness within.

There, there is no movement.

Thus I seem to be living two lives at one time.

What a drama!

But perhaps all of life is a drama

and becoming aware of this opens the door

to a unique freedom.

That which is

inaction in action

stillness in motion

eternity in change

– that is truth

and that is existence.

Real life lies in this eternity –

everything else is just the stream of dreams.

In truth the world is just a dream

and the question is not whether to leave these dreams or not,

one just has to be aware of them.

With this awareness, everything changes.

The center moves.

A shift takes place from body to soul.

And what is there.

It cannot be told.

It has never been told

and it never will be.

There is no other way but to know it for oneself.

Death is known only through dying

and truth is known only through diving deep within oneself.

May God drown you in this truth!

2. Love.

I am in bliss.

I have been meaning to write for a long time

but many engagements prevented me.

My blessings, however, I send every day.

Life is a sadhana;

the more you involve yourself in it

the more divine it becomes.

The light is hidden in the darkness,

truth is hidden,

and from this comes the joy of searching.

I remember the words of a rishi:

Truth is hidden under a golden lid.

The golden lid that hides truth is nothing but our mind.

The mind has smothered us;

we are in it,

we identify with it,

therefore the suffering comes,

the bondage and the chain of rebirths.

Rise above it,

become aware that you are distinct from it –

that alone brings bliss,

that alone is freedom

and the end of birth and death.

We have to be what we truly are:

this is the only sadhana.

It is the frustration of living through desires

that brings this sadhana.

Become alert about desire

and non-attachment begins to appear.

This is not to be made to happen,

it follows naturally from awareness of attachment.

Each one of us has to become aware of his attachments,

and keep being so!

Nothing should be done unconsciously.

If this is remembered

one day a totally new kind of revolution takes place

in our consciousness.

God is leading you towards this revolution –

this I know.

3. My respects to you.

I was extremely pleased to get your letter.

So far I have not written anything

but a meditation center has started here

where some friends are experimenting.

When I have some definite results

there is every possibility of my writing something.

About my experiments on myself, I am sure and certain,

but I want to test their usefulness to others.

I do not want to write anything

in the manner of philosophy,

my outlook is scientific.

I want to say something about yoga

based on certain psychological

and parapsychological experiments.

There are many illusory notions held about it

and these have to be refuted.

Therefore I am experimenting here also.

It is clear to me

that this work is not for promoting any group or cause.

If you ever come here we can talk more about all this.

4. My respects to you.

I am grateful for your affectionate letter.

You are meditating – that is a matter for joy.

Drop all ideas of achieving in meditation,

just do it naturally;

what happens, happens on its own.

One day, effortlessly,

everything starts happening by itself.

Effort does not lead to meditation,

in fact it is a hindrance.

In effort, practice, study,

there is tension.

Any expectation,

even the expectation of peace,

brings restlessness.

The tension has to go.

As soon as this happens

a divine peace sets in.

Stop feeling: I am doing it;

realize instead: I leave myself in the hands of that-which-is.


surrender yourself completely;

as soon as you do this, emptiness comes.

Breathing and the body are becoming relaxed, you say.

This will happen with the mind too.

When the mind goes

what takes place is indescribable.

I know that this is going to happen to you both.

Just go on naturally and without purpose.

Soon I shall be there,

until then, go on quietly with what I have told you to do.

My respects to all.

Write whenever you feel like it.

I am in complete bliss.

5. Love.

It is through God’s grace

that you are working towards the discovery

of the inner light.

That light is definitely there

and once it is met all darkness in life disappears.

Each step taken within

peels away the darkness layer by layer

unfolding a world of light in which everything is new.

This experience cuts away all bondage –

and then comes the realization that it was never there!

Liberation happens to that which is eternally free!

I am pleased with your progress.

Your letter was received long back

but as I was busy there was delay in replying,

but my memory of you is always there,

along with all those eager for the light.

My good wishes flow for ever towards them.

We have to keep going.

Many times one becomes disheartened on the path

but ultimately the thirsty pilgrim reaches the spring.

In fact the water is there before the thirst.

My kind regards to all.

6. My respects to you.

I was away, but your letter followed me here.

I am pleased to have it.

I see life as full of bliss.

Ordinarily, we do not have the eyes to see this

and so are deprived of it,

but this seeing can be created.

Perhaps it is not correct to say it can be created;

it is already there,

it is only a matter of opening the eyes,

and then – everything changes.

Meditation achieves this.

Meditation means: peace; emptiness.

This emptiness is there

but is concealed by the flow of thoughts.

As thoughts cease it comes into view.

It seems difficult to become free of thoughts

but it is very simple.

The mind seems very restless

but it can easily settle.

The key to this transcendence is witnessing.

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